Four-way keyboard system

Four-WayKeyboard System by Alan SwainFour-Way Keyboard System, Book I ($15)

gives a step-by-step chord-building formula for major, minor, dominant and diminished 7th chords in open position. It includes several solos and exercises, as well as flashcards. The four-way process teaches you visual, tactile, aural and intellectual control of chords so that you can be creative with harmony.

Four-Way Keyboard System, Book II ($20)

expands the chord-building formula to include 9th, 11th, and 13th chords as well as altered chords. It includes a chapter on how to practice, as well as chord-building drills, circle-of-fifths and chromatic exercises and 17 solos. Book II offers in-depth insights into the subtle harmonic possibilities in advanced harmony.

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